Our Patch – Changing focus

Filling the new Plunket community garden with soil was undertaken with a working bee with staff from Healthy Families Invercargill, Jennian Homes and WellSouth on Monday. Photo: Healthy Families Invercargill

WHEN I started this journey, I thought maybe a handful of people might read it. I just wanted to learn some basics about growing vegetables, give my daughter Georgia a good introduction to where food came from and, if I was lucky, have a few home-grown vegetables to eat.

So far I’ve had all that – Georgia loves being out in the garden and we’ve been enjoying the fruits (or vegetables) of our labour for a while now.

But one unexpected outcome has been the huge response from the community. So many people have had ideas and suggestions that it made me realise that there is a real desire to get back to basics in our city.

So I’ve decided to change tack somewhat. Now that my own garden is well and truly established, I’ve turned my hand to something a little different – setting up a community garden at Plunket.

The main funder of the project has been Jennian Homes, and there has also been amazing support from WellSouth, Plunket and Diack’s Nurseries.

A working bee to fill the garden with soil was held on Monday, with staff from Healthy Families Invercargill, Jennian Homes and WellSouth lending a hand.

The idea behind the garden is to provide new parents a place to go with their children, where they can talk to other people, and perhaps even learn something. Invercargill is an amazing place to raise a family and I want this garden to be really inclusive and have a health and well-being focus.

I am hoping to have guest speakers come each week and talk about their areas of expertise, but the whole idea is that it is all very relaxed and informal.

So far we’ve got soil and a few plants, but it would be great to have more.

Likewise, if you have any vegetable plants that would be appropriate for the community garden that you would like to donate, we would be happy to take them.

I’ll be interested to see how different growing a community garden is to the one we’ve built in our backyard.

Happy Christmas everyone.

Supplied – Healthy Families Invercargill

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