Super service grows super kids


JUST Four Kids Ltd is a super home-based early childhood service. Having been operating for a little over two years the company has gone from strength to strength.
Director Suzy McNatty has followed her beliefs and inspired more than 20 educators to join the team and now employs three visiting teachers to support and enhance each child’s learning.
Every educator is respected and their ideas valued, so much so they are offered lots of opportunities to contribute their ideas. There are regular sessions in the well-equipped education rooms at 296 Dee St.
Tamariki Tuesday and Whanau Friday are always led by a fully registered early childhood education (ECE) teacher with a focus on Te Whariki — the relationship between learning, teachers, children and families.
The children are given lots of opportunities to increase their own confidence by sharing news from home or bringing along a treasure to share with everyone.
Just Four Kids Ltd operates in Tuatapere, Winton, Gore, Otatara, and Wyndham as well as Invercargill. Suzy is assessing the needs in other areas of Southland but is happy to meet anyone who is interested in finding out more about joining the team.
Currently, Suzy is seeking applications from educators in the Winton area where there is a large interest in home-based childcare.
Twenty free ECE hours are offered to all 3 and 4-year-olds, as well as 5-year-olds who have not yet started school. These hours are available with no extra charges. Also available are Winz subsidies on application to Winz. For parents earning less than $800 per week, hours can be subsidised by Winz at $5 per hour.
If you are studying or working, subsidies can be paid for up to 50 hours per week.
— Gillian Crawford is a visiting
teacher with Just Four Kids Ltd