Think ahead for crops


WITH the last month of winter upon us, keen gardeners will be hoping for some warmer weather soon.
Greg Diack, of Diacks Nurseries, shares some tips about what’s happening in the gardening world.
THE first of the tomatoes are coming into nurseries and seed potatoes are also available. Some are already trayed up, sprouted and ready to go for an early crop, or you can sprout your own.
New potatoes with a Christmas maturity are always popular.
There’s still a wee bit of time to think about planting yet, but don’t wait too long in case your favourite variety sells out.
A fresh supply of herbs is ready for gardens. While it’s a bit early for basil, hardy plants such as parsley, thyme, mint and chives are all looking good.
Also don’t forget your lawns. After the first mow it is beneficial to give a good top dressing with a fertiliser, such as one with moss control, to eliminate moss and discourage weeds.
What should you be doing in the garden this month?
It’s tidying up time, which means preparing beds for potato crops.
Clean out the tunnel or green house and prepare for tomatoes by getting some good tomato mix dug in and warmed up ready to go.
Want to try something different this year?
Diacks Nurseries has a wide range of sweet peas which have good, strong stems, flower all year, and never frost.Sports ShoesNike