1911 Abingdon King Dick


Owner: Ray McCulloch
From: Invercargill
When and why did you buy it? I started riding this bike in 1972 and restored it in 1977. I bought it off my uncle
What is the vehicle’s history? It was manufactured by the King Dick Tool Company in England. It was one of the first motorcycles in the world to have telescopic forks. It has been in our family for 60 years
Has it been altered it in any way? My uncle got it going in 1956 for the Southland Centennial motorcycle run. It was a basket case… before he restored it, and it was only half its current age back then. I restored it in 1977
What’s it like to ride? Fun. Push and go. I have ridden it from Lumsden to Arrowtown. It gets up all hills. It just plods along. Since I restored it, I have ridden it on all the national motorcycle rallies, which happen every four years Where’s your favourite stretch of road? Any road is all right so long as there isn’t too much traffic
Top speed? It has a variable screw and has been geared for 35mph
Best riding experience? When I won the national motorcycle rally in Dunedin in 1981. I was awarded the Lord Montague Trophy. Two hundred motorbikes had been entered
Worst riding experience? I have been bowled off three times. The first was when I was still at school. I was knocked off my motorbike outside the 4ZA radio station [Deveron St] by a guy who was double parking. He just stopped his car, opened the door, and I knocked the door off
What other vehicles of note have you owned? 1955 Triumph Tiger and various other motorbikes
Best music to ride to? I listen to the bikes — what they are telling me
Describe your riding style: Cautious If you could go for a drive in any vehicle it would be a…? I have already had a ride in a Lamborghini at Highlands Motorsport Park in Cromwell
What was the first motorcycle you bought? BSA Bantam
Do you belong to any clubs? Southland Vintage Car ClubBest Authentic Sneakersロングコート コーデ特集!大人メンズの旬な着こなし&おすすめアイテム紹介 , メンズファッションメディア