1967 Mark II Ford Cortina

Owner: Ang Francis
From: Invercargill
When and how did you get it? My first car was a 1967 Mark II Cortina when I was 18. Later, when we started a family, it was not practical, so we sold it. On my 35th birthday, my sons, Kodi and Ethan, and husband, Lynzy, brought me this one as a birthday surprise. I’ve had it 17 years coming up. It gets a lot of attention — people looking and staring. I have three meat paste jars and a peter (flagon) pourer in the glove box to remind me of my youth… It’s quite sentimental
Have you altered it in any way? I only just finished getting it repainted. The motor is virtually brand new as it has been reconditioned. It’s got the wee mags on it and the racing steering wheel
What’s it like to drive? It’s not as light in the steering as a modern car — it’s a true, blue oldfashioned car
Where’s your favourite stretch of road? Back to Nightcaps
Top speed? The speed limit
Best driving experience? With my mum, me and my two boys on a car rally. The car doesn’t have a heater, but we had a blanket. We should have ended up at the Ascot Hotel, but we ended up out the back of Gore. It was a fun day with lots of laughter Worst driving experience? Don’t have one
What other vehicles of note have you owned? Cortinas have always been special to me, but some of the others include a Mini and a Laser
Best music to drive to? Back in my day, Kenny Rogers and Phil Collins… just throw it in the tape deck
Describe your driving style: Quite patient
If you could go for a drive in any vehicle it would be a…? I’m quite content with my Cortina
What was the first car you ever bought? 1967 Mark II Ford Cortina with a sunroof
Do you belong to any clubs? No
Photos: Janette Gellatly

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