1971 XY Falcon GT


Owners: Kylie and Shannon Crawford
From: Hedgehope
When and why did buy it? Easter 2015. We had always wanted one and when the opportunity came up we couldn’t say no
What is the vehicle’s history: Originally sold in Hamilton and Dunedin. We happened upon it 12 years ago
Have you altered it in any way? No, it’s still original
What’s it like to drive? Typical ’70s car. Good at 100kmh. It floats around a bit and keeps you honest. There’s no power steering or anything
What’s it worth? Priceless to us. It’s our dream car
Where’s your favourite stretch of road? Palmerston to Oamaru. Next to the water, nice road, nice scenery Top speed? Yet to find out
Best driving experience: In the procession at Winton Open Day, [with] the streets lined with people clapping and cheering — agreat atmosphere
Worst driving experience: Probably when we broke the lube off the cam at the Ford Nationals in Oamaru and had to limp all the way home. Not happy
What other vehicles of note have you owned? 1969 XW Future, 1967 XR Fairmont, 1970 XR Fairmont
Best music to drive to? AC/DC, classic rock and old-school music Describe your driving style: Cruiser. I like speed but I enjoy driving this car for how it was built
If you could go for a drive in any vehicle it would be a…? XYGT Falcon Phase III GTHO
What was the first car you owned?
1964 red Anglia
Do you belong to any clubs?
Southland Ford Falcon Club, Southern Aussie Muscle, Gas Guzzlers and Woodlands Classic Cruisers
Photos: Ange Gibbs
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