1990 Nissan S-Cargo


Owner: Mark Cox
From: Invercargill
When and why did you buy it? A year ago, to use as a mobile billboard
What is the vehicle’s history? Previously it had been used as a package vehicle in town. It’s called a S-Cargo which is a play on the French word, escargot meaning an edible snail. It is really just a wee shopping trolley on wheels
Have you altered it in any way? Just added the advertising. The whole idea about having something like this is it is so ugly and people stare, so it gets noticed. I drive it around town, but the windows are tinted, so people can’t see that it is me who is driving it
What’s it like to drive? A tank of gas lasts two months
Where’s your favourite stretch of road? Invercargill to Western Southland… for the scenery
Top speed? Allegedly, it does 100kmh, but it doesn’t pass cars very well
Best driving experience? The West Coast of the South Island on a motorbike is hard to beat
Worst driving experience? Same as above, but following some tourists. Being a motorcyclist in the South Island with tourists is really dangerous
What other vehicles of note have you owned? A custom-built trike nicknamed The Beast, ’66 Chev Impala
Best music to drive to? It hasn’t got a radio, but some of my friends have threatened to put on a sticker of Postman Pat, so I guess that would be the tune for this vehicle Describe your driving style: Very relaxed… I try hard to keep the road rage at bay
If you could go for a drive in any vehicle it would be a… Old-style Camaro
What was the first car you ever bought? Vauxhall Victor
Do you belong to any clubs? No
Photos: Janette Gellatly
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