1992 Toyota Sprinter Trueno aka The Angry Bird


Owner: Raimon Wilkinson and codriver Ryan Wilkinson (17)
From: Invercargill
When and why did you buy it? Raimon: Bought it as an upgrade from our previous rally car 2 1/2 years ago from Gore. This is our fifth rally car What is the vehicle’s history? Raimon: It has had a couple of owners previously and was modified about 15 years ago to a rally car. It has competed in the New Zealand Rally and the New Zealand championships a couple of times
Have you altered it in any way? Raimon: As it was bought already modified, we have just maintained it What’s it like to drive? Raimon: Noisy, exciting and challenging. Ryan: A lot different to a road car
Where’s your favourite stretch of road? Raimon: Cannibal Bay. Ryan: Highlands Motorsport Park, Cromwell Top speed? Raimon: On a closed road, it will wander off the clock
Best driving experience? Raimon: Winning our class at a national championship rally in 2000/01. Ryan: Doing a lap at Highlands last year
Worst driving experience? Raimon: Being hit by a train at the driver’s rear wheel at Edendale
What other vehicles of note have you owned? Raimon: Five rally cars. Ryan: 1992 Toyota Trueno [street car] Best music to drive to? Both: Rock ‘n’ roll
Describe your driving style: Raimon: Pretty cruisy. Cruise control and me are good friends, but I can go fast when it’s a controlled situation. Ryan: Rallying. I have competed in autocross for a few years now and have also crewed during the rally for about three years
If you could go for a drive in any vehicle it would be a… Raimon: Ferrari. Ryan: Mazda FD RX-7
What was the first car you ever bought? Raimon: Mini Clubland. Ryan: 1992 Toyota Trueno
Do you belong to any clubs? Both: Eastern Southland Car Club
Event: Catlins Coast Rally, Saturday, August 6. Departs from Owaka Motors, Campbell St, at 10am. Six special stages — Puaho, Tawanui, Cannibal Bay, Romahapa, Moats Saddle and Warnock — before the rally finishes back in Owaka about 3.30pm.
Photos: Janette Gellatly
Engine: 1.6 litre, black top
Transmission: Five speed manual
Colour: Blue/blackbuy footwearNike