Name: Brook Taylor (and Trudy MacPherson). Brook, of garage21, answered the questions

From: Invercargill

Photos: Janette Gellatly

When and why did acquire it? About 10-12 years ago. I originally drove it on the road, but took it off the road to tidy it up. Then I heard about the burnout comps about four to five years ago, and used it for that. I got third in my first burnout competition in this, and third last year at Riverside Speedway. Deep South Burnout Club founding member Leeson Templeton got second and Shaun Jury, from the North Island, won. The overall winner’s trophy was won by Chris Daley, of Te Anau, in his Holden Monaro, which gave him back-to-back wins at the Riverside Raceway burnout competitions, as well as his first win as part of last year’s New Zealand Burnout Competition. As well as being a standalone round, last year’s burnout competition at Riverside was the only South Island round of the championships

What is the vehicle’s history? It came from Wellington, but was an import before that

Have you altered it in any way? Nothing really, apart from how it looks… but, it has been altered for New Zealand Burnout Competition requirements. It has no exhaust and I have welded up the diff. It also probably has the smallest steering wheel. So far it has done four competitions. However, I am currently getting it back into road-legal mode, that’s my aim, so I can drive it to an event, compete, and then drive back home

What’s it like to drive? On the burnout pad: At the moment, there seems to be a lot of smoke coming from somewhere.When it was on the road: It was nice to drive. In its day, it was a luxury model… it would have been flash way back in ’93… it had electric seats, and a touch-screen TV

Where’s your favourite burnout pad? I have only competed at the Riverside burnout pad, but I have also been to Masterton as a spectator. My favourite part of the pad is the tip-in chute

Top speed? On the pad: 180km/h on the spot; on the road when it was road legal: the speed limit

Best driving experience? Winning third in the New Zealand Burnout Championships last year here (Riverside) in my self-prepared vehicle as part of team garage21. (Points can be awarded for instant smoke, constant smoke, volume of smoke, driver skill and popping the tyres)

Worst driving experience? Once I tipped a Morris Marina doing clutch kicks

What other vehicles of note have you owned? C32 Laurel, C33 Laurel drifter, S14 Silva burnout car and road legal, and various Japanese cars

Best music to drive to? Something nice and heavy

Describe your driving style: On the road, relaxed. Being able to do burnouts on the pad takes out the temptation to it anywhere else

If you could go for a drive in any vehicle it would be a…? To ride with Andrew Lynch, from Australia. I would like to drive Aussie Steve Loaders UC Smoke HT Holden or Chris Daley’s (from Te Anau) ’72 Holden ute

What was the first vehicle you ever bought? 1978 Hillman Avenger. First burnout competition car was a Hillman Avenger

Event: The next round of New Zealand Burnout Club is in Huntly on August 25.


Engine: 3.0 quad cam v6
Transmission: Factory auto
Colour: Japanese Rat VIP Green with patina

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