2006 Holden Clubsport

Owner: Steve and Sarah Acker From: Invercargill When and why did you buy it? We bought it nearly a year ago as it was time for a upgrade What’s the vehicle history? Aus› sie import Have you altered it in any way? Installed 4:11 diff gears, rebuilt transmission, added 15lb super› charger pulley What’s it like to drive? Horrible around town as the car is set up for the track Where’s your favourite stretch of road or road trip? The Crown Range in Central Otago is always at the top of my list Top Speed? Untested Best driving experience? There’s nothing like driving around the paddock when you can barely see over the steering wheel Describe your driving style: Just ticking along
If you could go for a drive in any vehicle it would be a… ? GTR Skyline What was the first car you ever bought? 1971 Toyota Crown Do you belong to any clubs? Vice president of Southern Dragways Event: Southern Dragways, Teretonga Street Class Racing, Round 1 points score, Teretonga Park, Sunday, February 7. Entries and scrutineering 11am›noon only. Racing from 1.30pm. NB: All drivers are now required to wear overalls
Words/photos: Supplied
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