2012 Holden Trike


Owner: Mark Cox
From: Invercargill
When and why did you buy it? A year ago from a lady in Nelson via Trade Me. I got it because it was not common. As soon as I go out and about on this, it gets noticed. My daughter, Olivia (12), wasn’t keen on being on the back of the Harley but loves being on the back of the trike
What is the vehicle’s history? A lady in Nelson got the frame made and finished it off herself for her 60th birthday. The only reason she sold it was because her friends were getting out of trikes
Have you altered it in any way? Just got the custom-paint job done by Robbie Miller
What’s it like to ride? Very, very comfortable — safe and smooth
Where’s your favourite stretch of road? Invercargill to Western Southland. I take it out a lot, especially on a nice sunny day, even in winter. Top speed? The speed limit… 100kmh
Best driving experience? The West Coast of the South Island on a motorbike is hard to beat
Worst driving experience? Same as above, but following some tourists. Being a motorcyclist in the South Island [among] tourists is really dangerous
What other vehicles of note have you owned? Harley Davidson
Best music to ride to? Can’t hear much on this
Describe your riding style: Safety first on this. It even has seat belts
If you could go for a drive in any vehicle it would be a… Old-style Camaro
What was the first car you ever bought? Vauxhall Victor
Do you belong to any vehicle clubs? No
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