Express Wheels – 1922, Dix-Huit Maison

Southland Santa Parade Up float.

From: Pixar

When and why did you acquire it? It was pretty run down, my wife and I used it to hide away. When we got married we loved it so much we decided to buy it. It was a real dump, but with blood, sweat and love we nursed it back to good health.

What is the vehicle’s history: Run down old dump, inhabitable for years stationary for a long time. Plenty of alterations including a new porch and the addition of helium balloons, rudder and sails.

What’s it like to fly: Very uplifting, although lacks control in a storm, I just close my eyes and see where it takes me. My favourite stretch of skyParadise Falls, brings back memories of my dear wife.

Top speed: 15 knots, although possibly much faster in a storm.

Best flying experience: Definitely on lift off, wow those suits.

Worst flying experience: Returning to civilisation.

What other vehicles of note have you owned: A glasshouse and a tool shed.

Best music to fly to: Burning down the house and Up, Up and Away.

Describe your flying style: Um, would have to be vertical.

If you could go for a drive in any vehicle it would be… an airship or a blimp.

First vehicle you owned: A Ford Pinto with that one…

Do you belong to any clubs: Ellie Fan Club.

Event: Southland Santa Parade, Saturday, November 28, begins at 2pm, along Kelvin, Gala, Dee, Tay, Kelvin and back to Gala Sts. Free

Engine: 5000 high-density balloons and a lot of helium

Transmission: One large handle grinder

Colour: Think of a rainbow.

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