Express wheels – 1972 VJ Valiant Charger

1972 VJ Valiant Charger with owner Warren “Gibbo” Gibson and friends.

Name: Warren Gibson (Gibbo)

From: Invercargill

When did you acquire it? Five years ago.

What is the vehicle’s history? While at Muscle Car Madness one year we borrowed it from a mate that owned it at the time. Went into Rangiora to get supplies and blew the diff had damaged his pride and joy. A few years later, he had it for sale so we flew to Christchurch and drove it home.

Has it been altered in any way? Yes, what hasn’t been altered.

What’s it like to drive? A “hairy lemon”.

What’s your favourite stretch of road? Bay Rd a quick trip home.

Top speed: Classified.

Best driving experience: Classified (can’t print it in the paper).

Worst driving experience: Definitely classified.

What other vehicles of note have you owned? 59 Desoto Firedome, 64 Cadillac Hearse, 65 Chev Impala, 78 Trans Am, 76 Holden Monaro, 78 Holden HT Premier.

Best music to drive to: The whine of the engine.

Describe your driving style: Erratic.

If you could go for a drive in any vehicle, what would it be? I’m driving it.

What was the first car you ever bought? HQ Holden.

Do you belong to any car clubs? Chev Car Club and Southern Dragways .

Events: Southern Grilles & Gasoline, Hot Rod Breakfasts in Gore and drags .

Engine: Stroked 440 to 512 cubic inch

Transmission: 727 torque flight

Colour: Hairy Lemon Green

Photos: Dave Loudon