Express Wheels – 1979 ACCO 2150 International double cab fire engine

Roger Sutton and Jill Randell. PHOTO: JANETTE GELLATLY

Name: Roger Sutton and Jill Randell

From: Glencoe, Southland

When and why did acquire it? Last year… Jill told me to buy it

What is the vehicle’s history? It was built in Aussie and used in Auckland, number 491. It seats seven people. It ended up in Waipawa, in the North Island, in a farmer’s shed

Has it been altered it in any way? It’s had some love

What’s it like to drive? It’s a fire engine

Where’s your favourite stretch of road? Anywhere in the South Island

Top speed? 100km/h… maybe… it’s a fire engine…

Best driving experience? Road trip home from Waipukurau, in the North Island, five days, and weekend drives

Worst driving experience? Doing something wrong when a police officer is watching

What other vehicles of note have you owned? Champion grader 680 with a 6V71 Detroit, Jill’s John Deere 2305 lawn mower, Dad’s horse-drawn wagon utes, Internationals

Describe your driving style: Safely, with respect for other people’s driving style

What was the first vehicle you ever bought? Austin Mini

Do you belong to any clubs/fire brigades? Hedgehope Rural Fire

How long have you been a firefighter? 30 years

What has been your best experience as a firefighter? Saving people’s property if we can, and deployments in New Zealand and to Aussie and Canada

Engine: Cummins 555 V8 9 litres
Transmission: Alison five-speed automatic
Colour: Red and White

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