Express wheels – 2009 Holden HSV Clubsport


Name: Eric Galbraith.

When and why did acquire it? About three years ago… I always wanted one.

Has it been altered it in any way? Upgraded the exhaust.

What’s it like to drive? Very cool.

Where’s your favourite stretch of road? A very long straight.

Top speed? More than I’m allowed.

Describe your driving style: Law abiding.

What was the first vehicle you ever bought? 1957 Humber 80.

Do you belong to any clubs? Southland Holden Enthusiasts Club.

EVENT: 2021 Aussie Crawl, annual car run from Invercargill to Te Anau. Meet at Ascot Park Hotel car park on Saturday, June 19, 9.30am before leaving at 10am. There will be several stops along the way including a lunch break for entrants. Overnight in Te Anau. Entries are open to financial members of the Southland Holden Enthusiasts Club, Southland Ford Falcon Club, Southern Aussie Muscle Club and Rivera Touring Club which close on Friday, June 4. Entry costs $130 for overnighters and $65 for day trippers. Lunch and breakfast included, and accommodation included for overnighters. For more information, go to or contact the secretary on

Engine: ls3 6.2 litre
Transmission: Auto
Colour: Black

Photo: Supplied