Family focus on track

The Beck-Crosbie family with the cars they raced at the George Begg Speedfest at the weekend (from left) Alex Crosbie, mum Rachel Beck and dad Jason Crosbie. Photo: Dave Loudon Photography

RACHEL Beck has bragging rights in her house this week.

She beat both her son Alex Crosbie and partner Jason Crosbie, at the George Begg Speedfest at Teretonga, near Invercargill, last weekend, when she raced them in separate classes.

Beck has been racing for about 10 years. Her love of the sport was inherited from her father, Graeme, who built and raced two of the five cars the family races Beck Special and the GT40.

She raced alongside her dad for five years before he died. But her family have kept the tradition going, with Rachel and Jason’s son Alex, racing for the first time on the Teretonga track last weekend.

Alex started in karts when he was younger and has now graduated to both motorsport and speedway Riverside Speedway.

When Rachel lined up to race Alex on Saturday she said she couldn’t think about him being on the track

Although she didn’t see the race, she said Jason would have had a very proud “dad” moment.

The love of racing she said wasn’t about coming first.

“We don’t have cars fast enough for that.

“You’re always battling someone… no matter whether you’re at the front, in the middle or at the back,” she said.

Jason, who drove the Beck Special, wasn’t too upset when Rachel beat him.

“He quite likes the car (GT40) thought I should be beating him in it anyway.”

Not only did she enjoy how the sport brought her family together, she also loved the camaraderie of fellow racers.

A man who owned a GT40 and had known Graeme, had travelled to the meet, she said.

“When we couldn’t get the GT40 going on Friday, he came and helped.

“They needed a part made up the next day so they came back to our workshop at home to make one.”Authentic Nike SneakersPatike – Nike Air Jordan, Premium, Retro Klasici, Sneakers