Ford Falcon BA V8


Owner: Liam MacDonald (19), Southland Sports Car Club champion for the past four years and was the youngest-ever champion when he won in the 2012/13 season
From: Invercargill
When and why did you buy it? In 2014. My dad Robin and I were in Auckland at the NZV8 races. It was the latest spec modified car at the time. We were up there racing my other car and my dad approached owner Kevin Williams to buy it
What is the vehicle’s history? Kevin Williams won a few enduro races and the NZV8 championship in it. Champion driver Angus Fogg has also competed in it. Fogg runs his own race team in conjunction with Kevin Williams Have you altered it in any way? It’s a constant… Other than maintaining and repainting it in our colours, it has had a rebuilt diff, engine and gear box
What’s it like to drive? For what they are, it’s a fast car.
Where’s your favourite stretch of road/race track? Pukekohe Park Raceway [near Auckland], coming up the mountain over the straight
Top speed? It can do a lap of Teretonga in 1.03 seconds, and I have clocked it up at 230kmh down the straight at Teretonga Best driving experience? Ruapuna Speedway [Christchurch]. Winning the second race and round of the NZV8 Touring Cars Worst driving experience? When the gear lever snapped mid-race at Pukekohe last year
What is your ultimate goal in racing? To race in Australia
What other vehicles have you owned? Nissans, P10 and P11 Best music to drive to? The sound of the V8
Describe your driving style: I like to go fast and I like to go sideways If you could go for a drive in any vehicle it would be an… Australian V8 Supercar
What was the first car you ever bought? Nissan NX Coupe
Do you belong to any clubs? Southland Sports Car Club
Event: Leading up to the next season of the NZV8 Touring Cars in November, Liam is keen to hear from potential sponsors and regularly takes sponsors on hot-laps at Teretonga Park
Photos: Janette GellatlyRunning sportsjordan Release Dates