Friday car cruise Child’s Play for dedicated Ford fan

Southland Grilles and Gasoline Car and Bike Show club member Mel Carson is excited to drive her Ford Esports for the first time at the event next month.

SOUTHLAND Grilles and Gasoline Car Show club member Mel Carson is looking forward to driving her teenage dream car at the Friday cruise show during Waitangi Weekend.

She bought her classic Ford Escort Sports MK2 from a friend about four to five months ago.

Her reason for buying the vehicle came from her owning a Ford Escort Sports car as a teenager.

“I wrote it off and then swapped it for a Ford Cortina, but that’s one of the reasons I wanted to buy this car.”

Unique aspects of the car included its 2L pinto engine.

She had always been a big supporter of Ford vehicles and had owned a Ford Focus and Laser.

The main car she used to get around every day was a Suzuki Swift, yet it had a Ford sticker and keyring to show her dedication, she said.

Alongside her partner Steve Fern, they decided to spruce up the vintage vehicle and had worked on its maintenance.

They had spent more than 100 hours revamping the vehicle.

“We’ve done bits and pieces with the exhaust, battery, tinting the windows, we repainted the roof and we had to take the blue louvres off because you can’t get them any more.”

After her daughter Leah Carson-Fern had watched the film franchise Child’s Play, she suggested her mother base the car’s aesthetics on the character, Chucky.

“I’ve ordered a license plate which will say, ‘Hi, I’m Chucky, and I wanna play.”

The car evoked “nostalgic” feelings for Ms Carson as not only was it the car she had as a teenager, but the Chucky franchise movies had come out the same time the car was made.

She was looking forward to featuring the car at the event, she said.

“I’m excited to get it on the road and just get out there.”

The public could view the Southern Grilles and Gasoline Car and Bike Show Friday Cruise Night from 6pm on Friday, February 4.

Dee and Clyde Sts in Invercargill will be blocked off for the public to view the show.