Pedal-powered boy’s toys


Pedal vehicles: Circa 1980s pedalpowered Italian Mototurbo 3550 motorcycle, circa 1980s police pedal car and circa 1980s pedal crank-up car
Owner: Beau Winteringham (2). (Questions answered by his poppa Stephen Winteringham)
From: Invercargill
When and why did you buy them? We bought the police car earlier this year at the Rotary Swap Meet and Auto Show at Otatara. Aunty Francie found the crank-up car on TradeMe, and we bought the motorcycle during the Burt Munro Challenge weekend from an antique shop on Tay St What are the vehicles’ history? They are not old. I guess they were made in the 1980s, but the cars were made to look old. I am guessing the police car was meant to look like a 1945 Buick
Have you altered them in any way? No, not yet. They are all in original condition, including the rust which adds to the character. But Francie said she would restore the crank-up for Beau’s third birthday, possibly with hot-rod style flames. It also needs a new headlight. Beau likes cranking the handle at the front of the car and pretending to check the water, and the running boards are cool
What are they like to drive? They take a reasonable amount of pedalling
What are they worth? The police car cost $75, and Francie paid way too much for the crank-up
Where’s Beau’s favourite stretch of road? To kindergarten
Top speed? As fast as he can pedal… he likes speed
Best driving experience? When we go shopping
Best music to drive to? Tellytubbies Describe Beau’s driving style: Fast
Photos: Janette Gellatly
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