Q&A: Speedway photographer Corbyn Shuttleworth

Favourite shot: John Sievwright mid-rollover in his sprintcar. Photo: Corbyn Shuttleworth

CAPTURING the thrills and spills at Riverside Speedway through the lens of his camera has been the job of 16-year-old Southland Boys’ High School pupil Corbyn Shuttleworth. The Southland Express asked Corbyn a few questions about his photography and why he enjoys it so much.

How did you get into taking photos at the speedway?

Dad (Daryl Shuttleworth) became the announcer at Riverside Speedway in 2015 which gave me the chance to travel out to the track with him and get a bit of a taste for speedway.

One day I took Dad’s camera out for a play and one thing led to another before I ended up purchasing my own gear and starting up Corbyn Shuttleworth Speedway Photography.

Late 2018, things kicked into gear and got a little more serious when Wallacetown Motors came on board as an advertiser/sponsor which led to bigger and better things.

What makes speedway so exciting to photograph?

The thing about speedway is there is always something happening, whether it be fast-paced racing, big accidents or even emotional moments in the pits. I just feel all of these should be captured for everyone to see.

What is your most favourite speedway photo you have taken and why?

It’s a tough choice! There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve captured a full sequence of a crash.

I personally love this one of John Sievwright mid-rollover in his sprintcar just because it is full of action and shows only the beginning of a nasty accident.

What other photographers do you follow or get inspiration from?

There’s so many out there but I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today without heaps of local photographers’ help, so I look up to all of them but, as far as speedway goes, without a doubt Graham Hughes (Sportsweb Photography).

Have you ever raced yourself?

Never raced anything on a speedway track but I did have my taste of motorsport and cut some laps in a go-kart from age 6-10 before throwing it away.

Who is your favourite driver to take photos of and why?

Graham Williamson has the best looking speedway car I’ve ever seen and it really stands out in images and Michael and his driving style is absolutely incredible to watch and photograph.

What other photography do you enjoy?

Anything fast paced! Mainly motorsport but always interested in trying everything out!

What makes taking motorsport photos difficult and how do you overcome it?

Trying to be different from other photographers is important and sometimes challenging and then trying to improve at each event personally is always important. I guess it’s just trial and error and then keep practising and trying new things at each race meeting.

What are your aspirations for the future?

I’m looking to go to the Ara Institute of Canterbury and get a Bachelor of Broadcasting Communications (radio) but I’d love to keep the photography side of things running in some way.latest jordansMens Flynit Trainers