Surprise proposal ‘Pork Pie’ style

Mike Burr with fiance Barbara Moyes after he proposed in the middle of the roundabout at the junction of Tay and Dee Streets in Invercargill on Wednesday, April 19. Photo: Hayden Williams

AFTER two years’ planning, Mike Burr proposed to his partner Barbara Moyes at the Troopers Memorial roundabout in Invercargill circled by dozens of horn-blaring Minis.

The couple had just completed a road trip from Kaitaia on Wednesday as part of the fifth biennial Pork Pie Charity Run, which this year saw 59 Minis complete the journey.

“I still haven’t stopped grinning,” an ecstatic Ms Moyes said the following day.

“I honestly thought we were doing a treasure hunt, competing with other teams as part of the Pork Pie run.”

Mr Burr had devised the treasure hunt ruse with four clues along the journey giving the words “will”, “you”, marry”, “me” and “?”

“The word ‘marry’ was cut into a yellow piece of metal which was shaped like a Mini, and the ring was attached to that,” Ms Moyes said.

“I put the words together and I still didn’t get it. It wasn’t until he said ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you’ and I saw the ring that it clicked.”

Mr Burr had previously had knee surgery so didn’t propose on bended knee. Instead he got Ms Moyes to stand on the steps of Troopers Memorial, at the Dee and Tay Sts roundabout, where the “treasure hunt’s” final clue had been concealed.

Mr Burr and Ms Moyes have two daughters each and their children had placed the clues for the treasure hunt along the way.

“It was lovely to have my daughters involved as well,” Ms Moyes, a physician’s secretary at Rotorua Hospital, said. Moyes said “yes” to the proposal immediately and when asked if she had to consider her answer at all, said “hell no”!

The couple have been together six years.

“I first got the idea when we did the Pork Pie Charity Run in 2015,” Mr Burr, a former policeman from Rotorua who now owns a powder-coating business, said. “I wasn’t nervous, I’d made my mind up and was ready to get engaged and move to the next stage.”

Ms Moyes, on the other hand, said she was “completely stunned”.

The proposal lifted the mood of the charity run’s participants, most of whom had not been aware of Mr Burr’s plan.

were thrilled to be part of our journey together,” he said.

The happy couple went on to stay with Mr Burr’s sister in Mataura before visiting Queenstown, where Mr Burr is originally from, for some sightseeing and celebration, Mr Burr said.

They had yet to set a date and venue for their wedding.

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