2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


Vehicle: 2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Engine: V8

Transmission: Auto

Colour: Yellow and green

Comments from: St John paramedic Matt Schultz

From: Invercargill

Who was it bought from? Mercedes NZ. The body was fabricated at Action Motor Bodies in Hamilton

What is the vehicle’s history? It is one of St John’s front-line ambulances

Has it been altered in any way? No, we are not allowed to. However, it would look awesome pimped up

What’s it like to drive? Nice, but a bit rough in the wind because of its size

What’s it worth? $240,000 fully kitted

Where’s your favourite stretch of road? Bluff Road _ it’s a short trip, but a nice ride

Top speed? Normal road speed unless we are responding to an urgent call, then it’s up to 30kmh over the posted speed limit

Best driving experience? Invercargill to Christchurch

Worst driving experience? Snow and cabbage trees… and that is all we will say about that

What other vehicles of note have you owned? Mainly Holdens

Best music to drive to? Depends on the day… Ed Sheeran, AC/DC, Fleetwood Mac

Describe your driving style: Friendly, as long as no one gets in my way

What was the first car you ever bought? An HQ Holden

FUNDRAISING: This is one of the seven vehicles which will be kept in the new St John Invercargill Hub.

St John is at the front-line of medical response providing ambulance services throughout New Zealand. It is involved in health and social care through its first aid training, event medical services, medical alarms, youth programmes and wide range of community programmes.

St John is planning a new building for Invercargill to bring all St John emergency core services and community-based services into one purpose-built building and which will service its vehicles for greater Invercargill.

It will also include two training rooms, and will act as a base for outlying health shuttle services and ambulance staff when patients are transported to Southland Hospital.

It will also provide amenities, including secure storage space, study areas, kitchen and bathroom facilities for our operational ambulance staff, administrators and management.

The cost of the project is $2,190,000. Support from the Southland community is needed for this to happen. Donations can be made at ASB or at the St John office, Jed St.

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