1967 XR Ford Falcon


Vehicle: 1967 XR Ford Falcon

Engine: 347 Windsor

Colour: Dark green

Transmission: Four-speed top-loader; nine-inch differential

Name: Mark Wilson

From: Invercargill

When and why did you buy it? Twenty-four years ago. Because it was bad.

What is the vehicle’s history? “The guy I bought it off bought it in 1991. He spent about 25 grand on it about 26 years ago.”

Have you altered it in any way? Not really

What’s it like to drive? An animal

What’s it worth? It’s worth about $50,000, but that wouldn’t buy it off me

Where’s your favourite stretch of road (or road trip)? Devil’s Staircase

Top speed? 140-plus mph. A quarter-mile in 12.6 seconds

Best driving experience? Picking it up when I was 18. I was like, “yee-ha”

Best music to drive to? AC/DC, of course

Describe your driving style: Driving Miss Daisy

What was the first car you ever bought? 180B Datsun

Do you belong to any clubs? Southland Ford Falcon Club

EVENT: A round of burnouts at Invercargill’s Riverside Speedway racecourse on Saturday, September 16, as part of the New Zealand Burn Out Championships