1955 Chevrolet


Vehicle: 1955 Chevrolet

Engine: 350 CI

Transmission: Four-speed Muncie

Colour: Red

Name: Peter and Phyllis Harding (Peter answered the questions)

From: Invercargill

When and why did you buy it? Bought it nine years ago off a mate, because we liked the car

What is the vehicle’s history? It was a Dunedin car, then it came down here to Invercargill

Have you altered it in any way? Not really, changed the gearbox

What’s it like to drive? Drives real good for an old car

What’s it worth? It would cost a bit to replace it, but don’t know

Where’s your favourite stretch of road? From Alexandra to Mosgiel, there’s not much traffic and it’s a good road

Top speed? Don’t know

Best driving experience? When the wife’s driving and us boys are enjoying the cruise

Worst driving experience? Driving into and around Queenstown

What other vehicles of note have you owned? Mostly Fords, XR, XA, XB, XD and a ’56 Chev

Best music to drive to? A good mix of rock (70s, 80s and 90s)

Describe your driving style: Pretty laid back, but I do like using the horsepower now and again

If you could go for a drive in any vehicle it would be a…? Real GTHO Phase III Falcon

What was the first car you ever bought? Two-door HB Viva

Do you belong to any clubs? Street Machines Southland

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