1964 Chrysler 300 Silver Edition


Vehicle: 1964 Chrysler 300 Silver Edition

Engine: Chrysler 383

Transmission: Tourqueflite 727

Colour: Originally silver, but repainted cream

Name: Mike Leask

From: Invercargill

When and why did you buy it? It’s rare .. only one of 2500 made. I wanted something different that nobody had. I saw it at my local garage and loved/hated it – I wasn’t sure. Not a pretty car, but kind of cool. This is the only two-door, hard-top [of its type] in New Zealand

What is the vehicle’s history? Brought into New Zealand in 2005 and restored over five years and finally vinned in 2010

Have you altered it in any way? Lowered it and put on a set of offset mags

What’s it like to drive? It’s like a time machine with its push button auto trans, and it is a very relaxing drive

What’s it worth? When the kids are screaming and the wife is yelling about the toilet seat being left up – you just hop into the old girl and drive away, so it is worth heaps

Where’s your favorite stretch of road? The roads between the pubs

Top speed? Depends on how far away the pub is and how many stubbies we have left in the car

Best driving experience? I found a chocolate bar in the glove box once – score!

Worst driving experience? Passing 20 cars in the only passing lane for hours and then having the kids scream out that they need the toilet… grrrrrr!

What other vehicles of note have you owned? The Battle Tank – 1968 Dodge Polara… go to www.thedodge.org

Best music to drive to? Anything that blocks out the kids and wife

Describe your driving style: Like a person on a diet looking for a burger

If you could go for a drive in any vehicle it would be a… (your dream ride)? Living the dream now… but having a few beers with your mates, having a sober driver and music blasting. That’s the dream every weekend

What was the first vehicle you ever bought? A 1961 Vauxhall Victor. Kind of looked like a mini ’57 Chevy, so I thought I was cool way back then

Do you belong to any clubs? Street Machines Southland Inc

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