1965 Chevrolet Impala


Vehicle: 1965 Chevrolet Impala

Name: Bryan Townley

From: Invercargill

When did you buy it? Last year

What is the vehicle’s history? It was used as my wedding car in 1989. It’s in all my wedding photos. I tracked it down and gave my phone number to the original owner, but he wasn’t keen to sell. He passed away last year, though, and then I was asked if I wanted to buy it

Have you altered it in any way? Just new tyres

What’s it like to drive? An absolute cruiser, you just let it glide along the road. You have to drive wide around the corners

Where’s your favourite stretch of road? I think from Fairlight through to Kingston, heading up to Arrowtown. It’s a big stretch with great views, it’s a great journey

Top speed? I’ve been very gentle with it – I guess over 100mph

Best driving experience? The trial run for our Poker Run – six people and a box of Corona, you can’t go wrong. And a sober driver, of course

Worst driving experience? Haven’t had one

What other vehicles of note have you owned? An ’81 WB Statesman and a Chrysler 300

Best music to drive to? Tim McGraw

Describe your driving style: In the Black Beauty [the Chev], very easy

If you could go for a drive in any vehicle it would be a…? I love my Jags, but have to say it would probably be a Bentley. My Bentley of choice would be a GT coupe 6-litre V12

What was the first vehicle you bought? HT Holden

Do you belong to any clubs? NoBuy Sneakersadidas Yeezy Boost 350