1957 Chevrolet 3200 Stepside Pickup Truck


Vehicle: 1957 Chevrolet 3200 Stepside Pickup Truck

Engine: 454 big-block

Transmission: TH400

Colour: Blue and white

Name: Emma Jarman

From: Invercargill

When did you buy it? Two years ago from a private seller in Levin

What is the vehicle’s history? The previous owner completed the right-hand conversion, certification, and compliance. I am the second New Zealand owner

Have you altered it in any way? I have just done a few minor things such as adding a heater (so it’s not like an icebox to drive on a cold day), replaced the door and window seals, and replaced the air cleaner. She has been very reliable so far (touch wood)

What’s it like to drive? Awesome; I love it and never intend to sell it. It is my daily drive

What’s it worth? A lot of money, but a lot of fun times

Where’s your favourite stretch of road? To Christchurch to see friends and family

Top speed? Far more than the speed limit on the open road

Best driving experience? Road trips with friends

Worst driving experience? Driving my mum’s Daihatsu Terios as a kid (sorry mum, but it’s the worst car I’ve ever driven)

What other vehicles of note have you owned? Nothing – this is my first classic

Best music to drive to? Whatever I am in the mood to listen to – I have a very eclectic taste. Anything from Duke Ellington to the Deftones

Describe your driving style: Always in a rush to get somewhere

If you could go for a drive in any vehicle it would be…? The Texaco Tanker at the Bill Richardson Truck Museum

What was the first car you ever bought? 1996 Subaru Legacy GT

Do you belong to any clubs? No, but have been thinking it would be good to join onespy offersNike Shoes