Duston Downhill Trolley Special


Vehicle: Duston Downhill Trolley Special

Engine: Human-powered

Colour: Cream

Transmission: Fast flow

Drivers: Lachlan Duston (11), who was 10 when he won his age category (9-10 years), and Holly Duston (9), who was 8 when she won her age category (7-8 years) at the 2017 South Alive Trolley Derby. They shared the same trolley

From: Invercargill

Who built the trolley and why? Lachlan: It was built at the start of 2017 to have fun. Mum: All the family was involved, including mum who was the “go-for” for the first aid kit

What is the vehicle’s history? It was based on a wheelchair and converted to a cart, and now has a removable body

What’s it like to compete in? Lachlan: Fast, furious and fun

What’s it worth? Lachlan: Priceless

Where’s your favourite stretch of road? Lachlan: Rimu St; Holly: Rimu St and Racecourse Rd hill by James Hargest College

Top speed? Lachlan and Holly: 32kmh

How many heats did you race in? Three

What do you enjoy most about the trolley derby? Lachlan: Winning most of the races, the fun and the supporters watching

Best trolley experience? Lachlan: Don’t have a “best one”, just every time we get a smooth run. Holly: Winning the races at Rimu St

Worst trolley experience? Lachlan: Crashing and rolling on its side after the finish line. Holly: Crashing on the first run

What other vehicles of note have you owned? Lachlan: Push bikes, scooters and bike

Best music to drive to? Lachlan: Crazy Frog. Holly: Anywhere by Rita Ora

Describe your trolley derby style: Lachlan: Straight sprints. Holly: No fear!

If you could go for a drive in any vehicle it would be a… ? Lachlan: Police car and a digger. Holly: Driving a horse and cart

What was the first vehicle you ever bought? Lachlan: Yamaha quad bike

What do you want to achieve this year? Holly: To beat my brother

Are you entering this year? Lachlan/Holly: Yes, a new one with a new set of wheels

What is your strategy for this year’s event? Holly: To use both brakes at the bottom at the same time. Both: The plan is to get in some pre-race practice at a secret racing spot. Dad: We hope to have a new trolley ready by the start of March, based on the Wild Coyote Rocket/dynamite TNT/Acme theme

Any other events of note? Lachlan: Scout Southland car park go-kart racing

Event: South Alive Trolley Derby and Family Fun Day, Rimu St and Elizabeth Park, South Invercargill, Sunday, March 4, races start 1.30pm, family fun at 2.30pm