Duston Downhill Trolley Special


Vehicle: Duston Downhill Trolley Special

Engine: Human-powered

Colour: Cream

Transmission: Fast flow

Drivers: Lachlan Duston (11), who was 10 when he won his age category (9-10 years), and Holly Duston (9), who was 8 when she won her age category (7-8 years) at the 2017 South Alive Trolley Derby. They shared the same trolley

From: Invercargill

Who built the trolley and why? Lachlan: It was built at the start of 2017 to have fun. Mum: All the family was involved, including mum who was the “go-for” for the first aid kit

What is the vehicle’s history? It was based on a wheelchair and converted to a cart, and now has a removable body

What’s it like to compete in? Lachlan: Fast, furious and fun

What’s it worth? Lachlan: Priceless

Where’s your favourite stretch of road? Lachlan: Rimu St; Holly: Rimu St and Racecourse Rd hill by James Hargest College

Top speed? Lachlan and Holly: 32kmh

How many heats did you race in? Three

What do you enjoy most about the trolley derby? Lachlan: Winning most of the races, the fun and the supporters watching

Best trolley experience? Lachlan: Don’t have a “best one”, just every time we get a smooth run. Holly: Winning the races at Rimu St

Worst trolley experience? Lachlan: Crashing and rolling on its side after the finish line. Holly: Crashing on the first run

What other vehicles of note have you owned? Lachlan: Push bikes, scooters and bike

Best music to drive to? Lachlan: Crazy Frog. Holly: Anywhere by Rita Ora

Describe your trolley derby style: Lachlan: Straight sprints. Holly: No fear!

If you could go for a drive in any vehicle it would be a… ? Lachlan: Police car and a digger. Holly: Driving a horse and cart

What was the first vehicle you ever bought? Lachlan: Yamaha quad bike

What do you want to achieve this year? Holly: To beat my brother

Are you entering this year? Lachlan/Holly: Yes, a new one with a new set of wheels

What is your strategy for this year’s event? Holly: To use both brakes at the bottom at the same time. Both: The plan is to get in some pre-race practice at a secret racing spot. Dad: We hope to have a new trolley ready by the start of March, based on the Wild Coyote Rocket/dynamite TNT/Acme theme

Any other events of note? Lachlan: Scout Southland car park go-kart racing

Event: South Alive Trolley Derby and Family Fun Day, Rimu St and Elizabeth Park, South Invercargill, Sunday, March 4, races start 1.30pm, family fun at 2.30pmlatest jordan SneakersAir Jordan Release Dates 2020