2006 Aston Martin Vantage


Vehicle: 2006 Aston Martin Vantage

Engine: 4.3-litre dry sump quad cam V8

Transmission: Six-speed manual Graziano transaxle

Colour: Tungsten Silver

Name: Scott Thompson

From: Originally from Kaitangata in South Otago, been in Invercargill for approximately eight years

When and why did you acquire it? Approximately six months ago. I bought it to start a supercar driving experience business I run here in Invercargill called Club GT (clubgt.co.nz)

What is the vehicle’s history? It was sold new in the UK in 2006 and came to New Zealand in 2007. I bought it from the previous owner in Auckland who had just bought another later model V8 Vantage

Have you altered it? No, it’s completely standard

What’s it like to drive? Amazing, leather and alcantara everywhere inside as well as an intoxicating exhaust note and manual gearbox driving the rear wheels. It’s the perfect combination of luxury and sports car

What’s it worth? Approximately 80k

Where is your favourite stretch of road? The shortcut from Mataura over to Clinton is quite a good road, well sealed and nice and windy with not too much traffic, a really fun drive

Top speed? 280kmh according to Aston Martin

Best driving experience? I recently took the Aston to the Cromwell car show to promote the business. I went up via Queenstown so got to blast through the Devil’s Staircase and on the return trip I went via Alexandra and turned off to go through Tapanui. That was a really nice drive and the longest trip I’ve had in the Aston. We are really spoiled for good driving roads down south

Worst driving experience? That involved a road trip with our cat, who was a kitten at the time. Let’s just say he had a crook stomach and couldn’t hold on. He managed to make a significant mess and it was windows down for the rest of the journey. Luckily we were only 20 minutes away by that point

What other vehicles of note have you owned? I also have a 1980 Ford Escort Mk2 1600 Sport which I’ve had since I was 18 and prior to the Aston I had a 1989 Nissan Skyline GTR, which was a lot of fun

Best music to drive to? Usually it’s Tom Petty, but when I’m driving the Aston it is the exhaust note

Describe your driving style: Pretty cruisy for the most part, but I do love a nice windy country road where I can manually shift through gears and accelerate out of corners to hear the engine sing

If you could go for a drive in any vehicle it would be…? Very hard one, but probably a Pagani Zonda

What was the first car you bought? A Mitsubishi Mirage

Do you belong to any clubs? No, however I do own Club GT (clubgt.co.nz) which is a local business I run in Invercargill. I put local and visiting petrolheads behind the wheel of our Aston Martin for a driving experience they’re not likely to forget. We offer local customers the chance to join our club and receive discounted pricingbest Running shoes brandnike women free 1.0 cross bionic hair care scam WMNS Light Violet DH8074-100 Release Date