Tektoss Fox (dryland sled dog racing rig)


Tektoss, Fox (dryland sled dog racing rig)

Engine: 2-8 dogs/cylinders

Transmission: Voice-activated automatic

Name: Daryn Chalmers

From: Invercargill

When and why did you buy it? 2015, for the safety of me and my dogs, as when you are running dogs it’s not the go that is the issue, it’s the whoa

What is the vehicle’s history? I have had it since brand new and this was the second or third to be imported into New Zealand from Germany

Have you altered it in any way? Yes, I had to install a platform to be able to race it in New Zealand events and although that rule has now been changed I decided I liked the extra protection from the mud and ice and the ability to carry extra weight for training purposes, so it stayed. I usually come up with some sort of modification every season – some good, some bad

What’s it like to drive? Fantastic compared to the “do-it-yourself” alternatives usually available in New Zealand

What’s it worth? Owes me nothing due to the enhanced enjoyment it has afforded us on all of our experiences for the past three years

Where’s your favourite stretch of track? Naseby Forest on a -5degC morning with the moon and the sun jostling for position just above the horizon

Top speed? Depends on the number and type of dogs, but have had this one clocked at 38kmh with six fresh dogs on the string

Best driving experience? An overnight marathon through the Naseby Forest with nothing but the moonlight and the dogs for company

Worst driving experience? Watching your investment bouncing down the trail from your ground-level vantage point when the dogs decide they know better and take off before you have finished readying yourself

What other sleds of note have you owned? Nothing of note, but have had a couple of prototypes break in half while on the trail and had to walk home

Best music to drive to? The sound of the local wildlife blissfully unaware of your presence as you travel past relatively silently

Describe your driving style: Controlled chaos

If you could go for a drive in any sled it would be a…? A full Iditarod team of 16 Alaskan huskies on a 300km trail in the snow

What was the first sled you ever bought? Dodgy home-built rigs that just were not up to the task of safely stopping with any sort of accuracy

Do you belong to any clubs? Southland Sled Dog Association, Southern Regions Sled Dog Club

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