2015 Gen 2 Nissan Leaf


Vehicle: 2015 Gen 2 Nissan Leaf

Engine: The Leaf uses an 80kW (110hp) and 280 Newton-meter (210 foot-pound) front-mounted synchronous electric motor

Transmission: None – direct drive to the front axle

Colour: White

Owned by: PowerNet

When and why was this bought? This vehicle was purchased for use in our Smart Energy Home project. It will be lent to the tenants of the Smart Energy Home for the trial year so they can experience an electric vehicle first hand and talk about their experience through community engagement activities

What is the vehicle’s history? Purchased in New Zealand new out of Japan with low kilometres on the clock

Have you altered it in any way? The vehicle had an English dash conversion and backing camera installed

What’s it like to drive? The vehicle is very responsive and has no gears, so runs really smoothly. It gets up to speed quickly, which can catch you out as it’s also really quiet. Forward and reverse are selected on a console that sits in place of the usual gear stick, otherwise it is very much like driving any car

What’s it worth? Second-hand, these cars can be picked up for a similar price to a comparable petrol car, which means the savings from running costs accumulate from day one. The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) states the cost of electricity to charge an electric vehicle is equivalent to about 30 cents per litre, or 15% of running costs for a comparable petrol vehicle

Top speed? 150kmh

Full charge range: The official range for the 2015 model Leaf is 135km

EVENT: The vehicle will be seen out and about during PowerNet’s Smart Energy Home project. The chosen tenant family will live rent free in the Smart Energy Home and have use of this electric vehicle for a year. For more details, go to www.powernet.co.nz/smart-energy-homeMysneakersグッチ × ノースフェイス コラボレーションが発表 (GUCCI THE NORTH FACE) , Fullress , スニーカー発売日 抽選情報 ニュースを掲載!ナイキ ジョーダン ダンク シュプリーム SUPREME 等のファッション情報を配信!