BMW 635


Vehicle: BMW 635

Engine: Six-cylinder, 3.5-litre fuel injection

Transmission: Automatic

Colour: Dark Blue

Owner: Alastair Reekie

From: Invercargill

When and why did you buy it? I bought it from a lady in Queenstown. Her husband used to race them

Have you altered it in any way? No alterations as it’s particular good

Where’s your favourite stretch of road? The Devil’s Staircase on the way to Queenstown, providing there is little oncoming traffic

What’s it like to drive? Very nice and very comfortable – most Beemers are

What’s it worth? I will never get back what I paid for it

Top speed? 148 miles (238km)

Worst driving experience? No bad experiences

What other vehicles of note have you owned? 1954 Jaguar, XK 140 MC, Shelby Cobra GT 500

Best music to drive to? Meatloaf or country

Describe your driving style: Relaxed, with bursts of speed

Do you belong to any clubs? Foveaux Ford A Restorers Club


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