1930 series 57 Buick


Vehicle: 1930 series 57 Buick

Engine: Six-cylinder petrol, 5.424 litres

Colour: Blue and black

Name: Ross Wensley

From: Invercargill

When and why did you buy it? Twenty-five years ago. I bought it because when my brothers and I were teenagers my father bought one for my oldest brother when he got School Certificate

What is the vehicle’s history? It arrived in New Zealand in built-up form on October 16, 1929, and was processed at the General Motors Petone plant, and driven to Inglis Bros’ Wellington dealership on October 23, 1929. Wooden wheels were original equipment and the colour was Premier Blue. It has had various owners throughout the decades, with one owner owning it for 26 years. It received a major restoration about 1980 by the owner in Wainuiomata. Although it has been in my family for the past 25 years, I sold this one to my oldest brother five years ago

Have you altered it in any way? When we first got it, we did more work on it, including the electrics and brakes. In 2007 we totally reconditioned the motor. After that we tidied up the body and painted it

What’s it like to drive? It’s fantastic and it’s powerful. It can pull away in top gear at 10mph

Where’s your favourite stretch of road? We just cruise out to Riverton normally

Top speed? On its speedo – 65mph

Best driving experience? The most interesting travelling was from Italy to France

Worst driving experience? Recovering a Land Rover Defender out of the Arrow River

What other vehicles of note have you owned? My most enjoyable vehicle in the early days was a new Valiant ute

Best music to drive to? Cliff Richard
Describe your driving style: It’s very capable

What was the first car you ever bought? Austin Cambridge

Do you belong to any clubs? Southland Vintage Car Club

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