This Week’s Express Wheels Feature


Vehicle (year, make,model)
Stockcar, home built
Your name: Ana Ladbrook
From: Invercargill

When and why did acquire it?
I brought it august last year to improve on the one I already had
What is the vehicle’s history?
Originally from Stratford, and from what we know purchased from by another invers driver before myself.
Has it been altered it in any way?
Only some slight changes to improve the handling of the car on track.
What’s it like to drive? Fun but challenging especially when competing against other drivers because of it being a full contact class.
Where’s your favourite stretch of road?
Anything clay and oval.
Top speed?
Best driving experience?
Putting another driver up the wall.
Worst driving experience?
Being rolled and having to be cut out of my car.

What other vehicles of note have you owned?
Nissan Youth\ Production saloon as well as a VN Commodore road car.
Best music to drive to?
Eminem for the road and the sound of the engine on track.
Describe your driving style: unwilling to back down.
If you could go for a drive in any vehicle it would be a … (your dreamride)?
1960s V8 Thunderbird
What was the first vehicle you ever bought?
The stockcar I’m currently racing.
Do you belong to any clubs?
X Factor Cars Riverside Speedway
EVENT: The next event will be the Powderline South Island Stockcar Championship on the 22nd
Engine: 3.9L Falcon
Transmission: 3 speed manual Holden
Colour: Orange, black with red outlining and silver numbers

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