‘Adopt-a-trap’ launched on Stewart Island

Adopt a trap

RAT Damon, Trappy McTrapface and Ratthew are some of the names of rat traps ‘adopted’ on Stewart Island.

The Stewart Island/Rakiura Community & Environment Trust (SIRCET) last week launched its website, which allowed people to take an annual $40 subscription on a rat trap in the Halfmoon Bay Habitat Restoration Project area.

Using an interactive map, the traps could be named once adopted. The map also detailed which species would most benefit from a particular trap. Trust pest manager Willy Gamble said it was based on a similar system on Great Barrier Island.

“I saw that system and thought, right, that would be great for us.”

After being taught how to achieve the same, he incorporated it on the trust’s website.

So far, 17 traps had been adopted, out of 1040 available.

Mr Gamble said it was an interactive way for people to get involved in conservation, and they would be able to see the effectiveness of the adopted trap.

“I think it’s so people who want to help but don’t know how, or perhaps they’re not able to help in a hands-on kind of way, it’s how they can get involved from the comfort of their own home. Take ownership of part of the project and make a difference.”

It also helped with funding the conservation effort, he said.

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