Guild share their creations with the community


ROCKING horses, bowls, sculptures and clocks are some of the items crafted by members of the Southland Woodworkers Guild.

These were on display to a group from the Winton Men’s Club last week, and would again be displayed during an exhibition in November.

The visit included a lunch and tour of the guild, where many of the creations were crafted.

Guild committee member Bev Wilson said there would about 50 members of all ages who enjoyed woodwork.

“I do sculpturing and carving, that’s what I like to do.

“It must be well over 15 years I’ve been a member of the club.”

She first went along to the guild because she wanted to learn, she said.

“There is always someone with a lot of experience and helps everybody out.”

It was not a lost art and a lot of younger members found an interest in woodwork at school, she said.

“There seems to be a few here that enjoy doing it.”

Ms Wilson said she would have been one of the first women to join the guild, but now there were at least eight others, and ages ranged with one member being 90.

“He makes these lovely pens on the lathe, we’ve got them all ages.”

Adin Cockroft had been a member for 20 years and said one of his favourite creations was a toilet roll holder – shaped like a toilet.bridgemediaNike