ICC forecasts revenue drop of about $1m

The annual plan was adopted at the Invercargill City Council meeting held in the council chambers in Invercargill on Tuesday.

INVERCARGILL City Council (ICC) revenue is forecast to drop by about $1 million than what was initially projected for the next financial year.

Councillors adopted the ICC annual plan on Tuesday at a full council meeting.

The document says as a result of the economic impact of Covid-19, including forecast increased levels of rates postponement, reduced consents requirements and other areas of reduced revenue from fees for service, revenue was forecast to be about $1 million lower.

“In the 2020/2021 year, as result of reduced revenue and a lower level of rates rise, council will operate a deficit budget.

“ICC was looking for efficiencies in order to reduce costs,” ICC strategy and policy manager Rhiannon Suter said.

Rates were also impacted due to economic factors.

The council’s long-term plan projected a 3.14% rates increase for the 2020/2021 year, but councillors voted to reduce the rates increase to 2%.

Rates revenue was expected to increase from $63.7m to $65.3m.

“This allows council to continue its essential programme of renewals and other capital works, which will provide employment opportunities and support for business at this crucial time.”

2020/21 annual plan infrastructure projects included renewal of sewerage ($7.0m), water supply ($7.1m) and roading ($6.8m).

Other projects on the document are the demolition of Esk Street West ($2.5m), street scaping/bus terminal of CBD ($2.2m), museum storage facility ($2.0m), Anderson House strengthening ($1.7m), Water Tower strengthening ($1.4m), and the administration building ($1.0m).

Before the adoption, Cr Nobby Clark said he believed councillors had too short a time to consider the document and said it was missing a whole lot of information.

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