Legal advice to be sought over clarification of will

Invercargill City Council Interim Parks Manager Michele Frey speaks at a council meeting on Monday. PHOTO: LAURA SMITH

QUESTIONS are still being raised over how an Otatara resident’s $90,000 bequest should be spent.

Invercargill City Council (ICC) infrastructural services committee members debated on Monday the wording of Derek Gostelow’s will which, in 2019, left $90,000 for projects in Otatara.

However, the result was no decisions were made other than legal advice should be sought for clarification.

While Cr Nobby Clark proposed the money be spent on three local trusts as well as the development of a council reserve in Otatara, which fitted what the community had voiced they wanted, there was debate over whether that fit with what Mr Gostelow had wanted as laid out in his will.

Concerns raised also included vandalism issues at Fosbender Park, where council staff recommended the money be spent.

Interim parks manager Michele Frey said the space would be reimagined to benefit the wider community.

“Unfortunately, in the past it has had a tainted reputation for vandalism… [but] it has dropped off markedly.

“The philosophy is always around if you show a park some love, it reduces the potential for further vandalism,” she said.spy offersIdae