Robbery, stabbing shake residents

Neighbours watched as police rushed to Invercargill's Dee St Night 'n Day on Thursday evening after a robbery which resulted in a member of the public being stabbed.

FIRST came the sirens, then followed an armed policeman sprinting across the road.

This was what an Invercargill woman said she witnessed from her lounge window last Thursday evening following an alleged robbery and stabbing at the Dee St Night

Detective Senior Sergeant Stuart Harvey said two male offenders entered the store, one reportedly armed with a firearm, just before 9.30pm.

“A member of the public who went to intervene was stabbed by one of the offenders,” he said.

yesterday the person was in a stable condition in hospital.

The pair took a small quantity of cash before leaving in a vehicle, which was found abandoned nearby.

The neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, said she had visitors at the time whom had only just returned from the same store a short while before the crime broke out.

“She’d literally just been there to get some lollies… she said it was pretty nerve-racking.”

After hearing sirens speeding towards her Hensley St home, she, along with her daughter and friends, rushed to the window to see what was happening.

Forensic investigators take samples from the entrance to the store.

“I see an ambulance and all these police cars minute, there’s a cop sprinting across the intersection towards the store with a gun.”

A few people came out of their houses to see what the cause of the commotion was.

“Everyone was like we weren’t too sure if it was just a robbery or what and then we heard about the stabbing.”

In the car park following the attack, she could see a female shop attendant visibly “distressed”.

“I could see her standing there in tears… the ambulance was right in the driveway of the store.”

Emergency responders appeared to have the situation under control quickly, however, the incident had left the regular customer feeling “a little on edge”.

“Sometimes I take my daughter down to get an ice-cream at night time if she’s up a bit later, I guess it does make me worried to do that now.

“It might take me a bit of time before I go back there.”

While it was the first time she had seen police at the dairy, she was “used to” a high amount of activity at the corner store.

“From Thursday to Saturday, every week really, it’s quite busy there with lots of cars and loud music, young ones drinking.”

Police, forensic investigators and a police photographer were seen at the cordon about 10am last Friday.

A yellow piece of material was seen being photographed next to a police marker in the car park outside the store.

Neighbours stood outside their houses while police investigated the scene.

Det Snr Sgt Harvey said police were speaking to a number of witnesses.

“[We] encourage anyone who hasn’t made contact with police to come forward.”

Victim Support assistance was being arranged for people affected by the offending.

  • Anyone with information was urged to phone Police 105 (quoting file number 200731/0942) or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.

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