Tattoo artist triumphs in ‘ink war’

Tattoo artist Nicola Oldenhof at work at the Frostbite Tattoo studio in Spey St, Invercargill.

INVERCARGILL tattoo artist Nicola Oldenhof has inked her name into history after beating some of the best tattooists in the country.

Ms Oldenhof won three awards at the 10th annual Tattooed and Proud competition in Oamaru earlier this month.

She joined other contestants from around the South Island to face-off in an “ink war” in which they had four hours to complete a pre-designed tattoo.

The canvas for her art was her partner’s body who was “very happy” with how it turned out.

She won the portrait and the small black and grey male categories with her ink war portrait of Jules Winnfield, Samuel L Jackson’s character in the movie Pulp Fiction.

She also took second place in the small arm female category with a gramophone tattoo.

She said there was an amazing range of tattoos at the competition.

“People show their tattoos and usually there are tattoos [created] from all parts of the country.”

She said there were numerous award categories relating to the style and size of tattoo, as well as gender of the wearer.

“It was great to compete with other tattoo enthusiasts and then have a drink with them.”

Ms Oldenhof said her interest in tattoo art began after seeing the artwork of New Zealand illustrator Martin Emond, who died in 2004.

After working at Frostbite Tattoo in Spey St for almost a decade, Ms Oldenhof is set to take her talents to Throne Room Tattoo.

“I’m very excited about the change,” she said.Sneakers Store