The show must go on… a little later

WOLL Cookware demonstrator Sean Wilson and Tumerix anti- inflammatory X factor sales demonstrator Ray Rameka at the Southland Home Show held at ILT Stadium Southland, in Invercargill, last year.

LIKE many events, the highly anticipated Southland Home Show has felt the impact of Covid-19.

But the show must go on.

While it would not be held next weekend as planned, the new date was now set for October 3-4 at ILT Stadium Southland.

Southland Home Show promoter George Owen said the decision was made a few months ago when organisers realised they had run out of time, due to lockdown delays.

“A home show takes six months to organise and two months to advertise… we would’ve been cutting it very fine if we’d stuck to the original date.”

Before lockdown was implemented, 64 stands had been sold to businesses from as far as Australia, he said.

“Some businesses rely on home shows for their income, so we’re really glad we can still host it this year.”

Mr Owen said the push back of the event date would allow people more time to adjust to the idea of joining larger gatherings.

“I think if we did run it in a couple of weeks there might have been a bit of hesitance from people to get back out in crowds so soon.”

Each year, the event attracted up to 5000 attendees over the two days.

“Exhibitors are looking forward to having the support of the Southlanders and we will make it worth their while.”bridgemediaKopačky na fotbal