Our Patch

Cathy Jordan, Taylor (6 months), Georgia (2) and Dallas Peters. Photo: Supplied

LITTLE Georgia Peters loves getting outside with her spade and rake and digging in the garden.

It’s an activity her parents Cathy Jordan and Dallas Peters are pretty keen to encourage – so much so, they have decided to set up their own vegetable garden.

Neither have much experience with vegetable gardens but Cathy reckons it will be a great learning curve and something for the whole family to get involved in.

Before having her children, Cathy worked in the economic development and sport and recreation fields. Currently she is involved in the Local Good Food Network, a network facilitated by Healthy Families Invercargill which involves a wide range of like-minded people committed to ensuring Invercargill families have access to fresh produce.

Her involvement with the network has been a big part of why she wants to set up her own vegetable garden.

“I just think it is so important to teach our kids the importance of good, healthy produce and this is a great way to not only spend time doing something as a family, but to also help our kids take an interest in that process.’’

That desire has also provided the impetus for her involvement with Plunket in setting up a community garden.

The idea behind the community garden is to provide families with the opportunity to grow their own produce, but in a supportive and helpful environment where they can learn new skills and meet new people.

Cathy is the first to admit she doesn’t know much about vegetable gardens, or how to grow things in Southland. But she’s keen to give it a go, and show that it really isn’t that hard.

Her family – fiancé Dallas, and children Georgia and Taylor, are also along for the ride.

Healthy Families Invercargill will be following Cathy’s progress as she navigates her way from building the raised garden beds, to working out what to plant and when, and how to actually get the vegetables to grow – the aim is to have new potatoes and other vegetables ready for the family’s Christmas dinner.

Cathy was also keen to learn about the gardening efforts of people in the wider community so if you had any suggestions or helpful hints be sure to add them to the Healthy Families facebook page and website.

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