A little kindness goes a long way

South Alive community development and operational manager Julz Orr.

WORLD Kindness Day will be celebrated at The Pantry in South City tomorrow.

There will be a full-on day of free events and activities at The Pantry, The Pod behind The Pantry, the Beautification Garden and the outdoor stage, including chair massage (Kewa Room, 10am-noon), yoga (Paikea Room, 10.30am-11.30am), mindfulness and meditation (Paikea room, 1pm-1.30pm), Zumba (outdoor stage, 4pm-4.30pm), two treasure hunts (Beautification Garden, 11am-11.30am and 3.30pm-4pm), live music by entertainer Saelyn Guyton (The Pantry, noon to 1pm), and the Ukulele Tamariki Troupe (outdoor stage, 4.45pm-5.15pm), a CPR demonstration (2pm-2.30pm), as well as free soup (until it’s all gone, The Pantry, from noon).

The Wall of Kindness will once again be installed for people to post notes of kind acts they had recently received, given or intended to do.

Each person who shared their act of kindness on the wall could also receive a half-price coffee from The Pantry.

Last year, more than 90 cups of coffee were sold at half price.

This year, South Alive community development and operational manager Julz Orr hoped at least 100 people would take up the offer.

Kindness gave all sorts of benefits, for the receiver as well as the giver, Ms Orr said.

Whether physical or mental, when people did an act of kindness or were the recipient of an act of kindness, there were all sorts of benefits.

“For the person who does it, they feel happier for the person who receives it; and it also helps build a sense of community.”

This would be the third year, South Alive and The Pantry hosted World Kindness Day.

“It has been so well received with the community and fits in with South Alive’s philosophy… being kind to yourself by attending and to others by sharing.

“We see kindness at South Alive a lot with people who volunteer their time and skills.”

Everyone was welcome to the free events. There was no need to register, just turn up, she said.Authentic SneakersShop: Nike