A lunch date with Te Anau’s takahe

Herron Decorating painter Anja Sachenheimer was given the job of painting Te Anau takahe statue.

SPONSORS, residents and business clients came out to lunch to support the Takahe Restoration Project celebration barbecue in Te Anau on Monday.

Takahe Project organiser Diane Holmes was thankful to everyone who attended.

“Thanks especially to RD Petroleum sales manager Hamish Harvey for bringing their big barbecue from Dunedin and shouting the lunch.”

The Takahe Restoration Group was formed in August last year with the statue restoration beginning in November.

The Te Anau Takahe statue took pride of place on the corner of the Town Centre and Te Anau Tce and was originally installed 31 years ago by a group of private business owners on privately-owned land.

“The takahe hasn’t weathered well recently with a fungus in the paint which is peeling, the bollards were falling out and the plants have become overgrown or dying,” Ms Holmes said

“We are still awaiting an up-to-date information sign on the takahe which we’re working on in conjunction with Doc [Department of Conservation],” she said.