Annual sale sees boost in books

Rotary Club president Lisa-Maree Fleck and Rotary Club Book Sale Committee chairman Richard Russell say the amount of book donations for this year’s sale is a big increase on previous years.

AN exceptionally large haul of books combined with a short-notice set-up means Invercargill Rotary Club members have been hard at work organising their annual book sale.

In the past, the club would have six weeks to prepare for the sale, but uncertainty around Covid-19 regulations meant the time period was cut to four weeks this year.

Rotary Club Book Sale Committee chairman Richard Russell said the club had chosen St John as the major recipient of this year’s proceeds.

“All the revenue goes back into the community, it’s a real community thing,” he said.

Being the Rotary Club’s 41st sale in 42 years (the 2020 sale was cancelled due to the lockdown), Mr Russell said the number of books donated this year was a lot more than usual.

“This is way above what we normally would have mainly I think because of the effects of Covid. There’s been a lot of estates giving us books.”

He thought the Invercargill Rotary Club’s sale was possibly the largest in the South Island, and certainly the longest running.

“We suspect we’ve probably raised around the million-dollar mark over the years.”

president Lisa-Maree Fleck said, in recent years, organisers thought customers might decline as digital books increased in popularity, but the club had not seen that happen and the book sales remained popular.

“I think that’s something to celebrate,” she said.

The book sale will run from Thursday, June 2, until Sunday, June 5, at the Civic Theatre in Invercargill.