Bangers To Bluff car rally fundraiser


NINE cars will be auctioned in Invercargill on Sunday at 11.30am as part of the Bangers to Bluff car rally fundraiser.

This was the third rally, organiser Ian Thomsen, of the Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay, Auckland, said.

Although the rally began in 2014 as just a bit of fun, it had since evolved into a fundraiser for the Rotary club, he said.

The challenge was to drive a four-door vehicle, registered and warranted but costing less than $1000, from Auckland to Bluff, via the Catlins, finishing in Invercargill.

The exceptions this year were some impressive vehicles, including a BMW which had been donated so were “technically under the $1000 threshold”.

Mr Thomsen said although the vehicles would still be auctioned, they would be ineligible for points towards the Bangers Points Trophy at the end of the run.

Ten cars, plus a support vehicle, have been trekking down the country since March 29 and should arrive in Bluff on Saturday

Nine would then be auctioned the following day, as one had already been pre-sold, he said.

Spacio, a Mercedes, a BMW, Nissan and Ford Lazer.

With sponsorship, entry fees and the auction money, Mr Thomsen said he was hoping more than $40,000 would be raised for Alzheimer’s New Zealand and the Hopeworks Foundation for those suffering from brain injuries.

After the auction the 22 drivers, passengers and support crew will make their way back to Auckland in a variety of ways, including aeroplane and driving, Mr Thomsen said.

The vehicles will be on public view at the Newfield Tavern car park, Centre St, from 10.30am-11.30am on Sunday before being auctioned by William Todd & Co auctioneer Lindsay Francis from 11.30am.

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