Book stems from lockdown

A Walk author and illustrator Nina Menegatti Zink with her parents Alessandra and Christoph at the book launch at Te Anau Library on Sunday.

DAILY walks during last year’s lockdown inspired a Te Anau 13-year-old to publish a book, which was launched on Sunday.

Fiordland College Year 9 pupil Nina Menegatti Zink’s A Walk stemmed from a task to illustrate a book for children aged 5-7 years, set by her English teacher Mr Roy, but she said “it meant much more than just that to me”.

“Writing and illustrating this story has been an incredible amount of fun and inspired me to write A Walk because almost every day, during lockdown, we would go out walking. It became the new would always take my camera with me, and I would photograph the wildlife we encountered and the places we walked to,” Nina said.

Her mother, Alessandra Menegatti Zink, said then Te Anau librarian Raewyn Patton encouraged Nina to publish her story and illustrations.

“It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we, as her Mum and Dad, are very proud of Nina…. But in the end, it came down to her initiative, enthusiasm and creativity and to the very special people that have been part of this wonderful journey.”

The family was grateful for the help from Mr Roy, Ms Patton, Alina Suchanski, Marek Suchanski (who offered to digitise Nina’s work), Lathee Verrall, Sherree Simpson, Marilyn Hunter (for helping organise the book launch), Amanda Dyer and the team at Print Central for printing 150 copies of the book.

About 50 people attended the launch at Te Anau Library.