Campaign aimed at teenage drinking

Invercargill Police alcohol prevention team member Sergeant Hayden McNaught horsing around at the launch of the Healthy Attitudes Towards Alcohol digital campaign in Invercargill last week.

“ARE your blinders on?

That is the question being asked of teenagers and the parents of teenagers when it comes to drinking.

A new digital campaign was launched by Healthy Attitudes Towards Alcohol (HATA) in Invercargill last week, encouraging all parties to engage in conversations about drinking to parent, teenager to teenager and parent to teenager.

The campaign delivered messages including checking where your children were going to be, the amount they’re drinking and letting them know they could always call for help if things got out of hand, through a series of short animations which would be available through social media.

For Invercargill Police alcohol prevention team member Sergeant Hayden McNaught, the reality of teenage drinking and its affects were very real.

“We don’t get called to a party unless something’s gone wrong.”

Intergenerational drinking patterns and a drinking culture which harked back to the 1960s when you had to drink fast before the pub closed at six o’clock, were factors in the way young people approached drinking, he said.

The campaign was aimed at teenagers aged under 18, who were more likely to be drinking at other people’s houses and parties.

“We’re trying to encourage parents to speak to teenagers and to each other.”

The campaign was a collaboration between several organisations and used “stakeholder groups to identify the messages which were most important to communicate.

The videos created by Back9 Design used local places Southland teenagers “would be familiar with and real life quotes of parents.

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