Celebrating spring in south

South Alive Flower Show co-organiser Christabel Earl alongside some of the poetry and art works created by New River Primary School pupils.

THE annual South Alive Spring Flower Show will be held on Saturday.

People of all ages were welcome to enter, as long as they lived in the 9812 postcode area.

However, everyone, no matter what postcode they lived within, was welcome to view the entries at the show being held in the community rooms at the rear of The Pantry on Grace St, South Invercargill.

One of the organisers, and South Alive trustee, Christabel Earl said the show was introduced a few years ago as part of the community group’s Housing Action Group strategy to encourage residents to help beautify their part of the city.

Part of the foundation of the Housing Action Group was to encourage people to be proud of where they lived, she said.

“… the beatification of South Invercargill by creating flower gardens at home is part of that.”

The annual flower show also gave residents an opportunity to show some of the results of their efforts, she said.

Being spring, daffodils had their own classes including trumpet and cupped daffodils. Other sections included cut flowers, vegetables, and, for children, a decorated sand saucer of flowers, an animal or object made from fruit or vegetables only and a section for a quirky item made from an empty plastic milk container for children aged 9 or older. Children were also allowed to enter the adult sections.

Entries would be accepted tomorrow, 6pm-8pm at the community rooms.

Competition entries and show entries were free, and a presentation would be held at 3pm on Saturday.

As part of the spring theme, creative poetry from New River Primary School pupils was also on display in the community rooms.

  • For more information or an entry form, phone the South Alive office, 03 218 6882, or go to www.southalive.org.nz.
  • South Alive Spring Flower Show, Saturday, October 3, 10am-3pm, Community Rooms behind The Pantry, 133 Grace St, South Invercargill.

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