City woman seeks track revival

Invercargill resident Megan Dawson spent time at the Myers Reserve BMX track and ramp in Waikiwi as a child and is petitioning for it to be refurbished.

AS a child, Megan Dawson spent many afternoons at, the now, dishevelled Myers Reserve BMX track and ramp in Waikiwi.

The Invercargill mother and student is now working on getting it back to how she remembers it for her and her community’s children.

While originally a theoretical marketing proposal for a course assignment, Ms Dawson decided she wanted to actually give it a go.

When she rode the track as a child in the 1980s, it was gravelled and maintained.

“It was a full BMX track but over the years it has grown grass and it’s been left to do its thing.”

Her aim was to get community backing to get the well-used track back into the condition it once was.

This included getting the Invercargill City Council to install drains and for the track to be gravelled again.

She felt demand was apparent, with 60% of the city’s children at North Invercargill schools.

“We don’t have anywhere they can come and just ride their bikes. There’s no scooter park or bike tracks so this would mean heaps for the community.”

There was an estimated $30,000 needed for the improvements and the petition, which could be found on Facebook, would be given to council for them to see community interest, she said.